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The STORY : About us

While it might seem funny or strange to some, fantasizing about wearing beautiful gowns and high heels was my pastime during my childhood days. Whenever I used to look down at my laced school shoes, the only thought I used to have was, “Uggh! When would I get the chance to come out of these uniform shoes and wear high heels?”

During promenade dance, I used to check on my seniors wearing gorgeously flared evening gowns coordinated with beautiful high-heels, and all I could do was stare and wait for my turn!

It took a few years but finally it was my batch that would get to go to the Prom! While others were excited about their secret crush asking them out for Prom, all I wanted to do was to choose the best attire, accessories, and shoes, and look perfect for myself. Although I was wearing heels for the first time, I took the risk of wearing all-black high-heeled stilettos, practiced walking in them for a few days at home, and felt like I was on cloud nine.

Finally, the day came, I was extremely excited to look great and dance my heart out with friends. But, guess what, just 1 hour into the event and I started feeling the pain in my feet. I stumbled a bit while dancing, twice or thrice, and had to ultimately take my heels off. While the day was great, my excitement about wearing heels for the first time vanished within a few hours. The next day when I woke up, it was a challenge to even walk normally because of the bruises, blisters, and calluses. Well, I tried to fit in those heels again a few times, even when the size and fit were right, one thing for sure was that my feet were not meant for those high heels.

Cut to today, here I am addressing the problem of finding comfy, stylish, affordable, and high-quality heels and making shoes that fit all, at “Comfy Platform Shoes” an online store that I started in 2018!
Over time, I came across several women who felt the same issue where they loved high-heels but couldn’t wear them for a long time due to discomfort. The only solution for us was platform shoes, which were comfortable but too costly. Compared to other forms of heels, platform shoes absorb more impact and provide an added layer of comfort because of the thick sole that runs across its length and breadth. It evenly distributes the height without requiring the feet to bend too much, goes well with party, formal, or casual attire, and makes one look taller and slender. At the “Comfy Platform Shoes,” our major purpose is to integrate style, appeal, class, variety, quality, and fashion, all in our platform shoes.

Through the constant market, audience, competitor, and brand analysis, we discovered that our customers have never been as happier since they discovered platform shoes in our store. We planned to launch our collection to help women like me, who had such scary experiences with various heel styles! Our classic Comfy Platform Shoes are designed with environment-friendly, best-quality, and high-range raw materials, cut and stitched with precision, to never let your feet face issues again. You can get a pair of variety of our shoes and spice up your wardrobe.

The only thing that we aim for, at “Comfy Platform Shoes”, is to give you the best fit, right comfort, foot alignment and balance, great shock or impact absorption, and something that you can wear and walk all day long, without feeling tired at the end of the day! We aim to expand our offerings by including more styles that are designed based on your feedback and suggestions. We look forward to constantly engaging with you and delivering superior products, that are affordable, and can be used with a variety of attires, at a single store.

So if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by email and we’ll be more than happy to get back to you and help in any ways possible.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach us at: info@comfyplatformshoes.com or call us at (719) 204-1581